Freediving gear that gets you into the depths

Freediving with BonexIt is immediately obvious that sea scooters are the ideal addition to freediving gear. By having to move less, the free diver saves valuable oxygen, can cover bigger distances and spend more time under water. The smallest and most efficient sea scooter in the world, the Aquaprop, was developed by Bonex for just this diving segment. Freedivers use this diver propulsion vehicle as active propelling means to get down into the depths and up again. And also to dive big distances at the same depth level. Besides its use in the competition and training field of freediving, the Aquaprop scooter is primarily used for leisure freediving. Thus snorklers and swimmers can add to their freediving gear with an undersea scooter, allowing them to explore even more of the world under water and to dive into the depths with the greatest of ease.

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