DPV diver propulsion vehicle

diver propulsion vehicle from BonexThe right diver propulsion vehicle for every diver Bonex diver propulsion vehicles (DPV) are essential technical diving gear for technical divers and increasingly for scuba divers. As a specialist for diver propulsion vehicles, the Bavarian company offers high-quality propelling equipment which is primarily used to cover long distances such as when cave diving or transporting heavy equipment for technical divers during deep dives. Thanks to the use of the latest battery technology and technically mature, compact electric motors, Bonex DPVs are among the most compact and lightest underwater scooters in the world. This in turn also increases their appeal to scuba divers, as the underwater scooters are easy to take along with their small dimensions and low weight. The range of Bonex diver propulsion vehicle products includes a range of model series tailored to the specific needs of divers on cave diving, diving investigations or freediving trips. In addition, the modular design of the Bonex scooters enables optimum adaptation to the needs of divers. Battery capacities, the DPV cover or the scooter propellor are available in various versions. Which DPV type are you?

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