Dive scooters from Bonex

Dive Scooter from BonexFor many years, Bonex has been a byword for high-quality dive scooters which are now world-leading in diving applications. No matter whether for military use, sports diving or technical diving, the diver propulsion vehicles (DPV) made in Amerang, Bavaria are among the export hits in the South German diving gear sector. The dive scooters “made in Bavaria” feature the latest battery technology – with particular benefits for cave divers and a compact and very light construction – which makes the dive scooters the perfect traveling companion for scuba divers. The high level of efficiency makes ideal use of the battery in providing forward propulsion from the mature electric motor. This, in turn, serves the needs of technical divers who transport a lot of diving gear. The range comprises several series, ensuring the availability of an ideal dive scooter for every diving segment. They have been developed by Bonex Explorationssysteme in close collaboration with experts from the areas of cave diving, deep diving, technical diving and scuba diving. The result are dive scooters that meet the needs of any diver in every regard.

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