Cave diving gear you must have

Cave diving gear from BonexCave diving gear you must have In no other diving segment are underwater scooters so important and indispensable as in cave diving. When exploring miles of cave systems, robust yet light assistance in the form of a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) is essential. Whether as a backup for your cave diving gear or as a main scooter, thanks to the low weight, large battery capacity and high quality, Bonex scuba scooters and DPVs can always be relied on. Only they make the long-distance transport of cave diving gear possible. The Bonex DPVs are ideal because cave diving gear can comprise several hundred kilograms. Their low weight, above and below water, means the extra gear is not an additional burden. Only a few DPVs (diver propulsion vehicles) stand out with this feature for cave diving. It is therefore also no surprise that Bonex scooters were used by cave diving professionals on their record penetration, e.g. in “Pozo Azul” in the beginning of 2015 and played a major role in the success of the cave exploration. Besides low weight, it is also the reliability of the equipment which cave divers appreciate. On account of the high-quality manufacturing and the special safety measures, Bonex underwater scooters are among the most reliable products on the worldwide market and therefore a perfect element of cave diving gear. Try them out for yourself.

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